Tapestry - Passionate, Enchanting, Engaging, Majestic

Tapestry (Harp & Acoustic Guitar): Audio Samples

Click on any of the song titles listed below to enjoy audio samples of Tapestry's CDs "The Journey" and "Variations." To get your copies of Tapestry's CDs see our merchandise page! Tapestry is perfect for Concerts, Festivals, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Reception, Corporate Events, Private Funtions, and more!

Finger Puzzles and Shapes for the Harp (DVD Sampler)


Tapestry Harp and Acoustic Guitar - The Red Leaf

Tapestry (Harp & Acoustic Guitar)
The Red Leaf

The Kerry Dance
Eleanor Plunkett
The Red Leaf
Prince of Peace
Morrison's Jig
Blackberry Blossom
The Water is Wide
Reaissance Man


Tapestry Harp and Acoustic Guitar - The Journey CD

Tapestry (Harp & Acoustic Guitar)
The Journey

Fields of Gold
Sunny Mornings
Wild Mountain Thyme
The Minstrel Boy
The Journey
The Ash Grove
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Open Sky
Riders on the Storm
My Love is like a Red, Red Rose
Carolan's Dream/Stairway to Heaven

Tapestry Harp and Acoustic Guitar - Variations CD

Tapestry (Harp & Acoustic Guitar)

Simple Gifts
Kathleen Ashore
Londonderry Air
Bally Loo Lammy
Inisheer (Inis Siar)
Scarborough Fair
Carolan's Draught
Let It Be
Gartan Mother's Lullaby
100 Years